We offer a wide range of services from a garden plan for your DIY project to a full garden renovation with install.


All services require a 1 hour consultation and walkthrough. After that, we値l put together a comprehensive design to fit your needs. All designs include 3 rounds of revisions, so we池e sure to get it right!


Feeling good about your abilities, but just need some guidance? During a consultation session, we値l walk through your space and I値l answer any questions you have. We値l identify the species in the garden (desirable or not) and how to deal with any invasive plants present. We can also discuss permaculture/vegetable gardening, herb gardens, composting, etc. After the meeting I email you my notes for your records.


OK, so we did a walkthrough, we have a plan and now you池e wanting to DIY it - with some help. For a discount on my hourly rate, I will work next to you in the garden and offer guidance - though you値l be doing the work! This service is for those who want to learn about their garden and get their hands dirty (and probably a little sore, too!) I値l deliver the goods (garden materials) and then teach you the proper way to pull weeds, prepare a garden bed, amend soil, plant perennials and trees (there痴 more to it than just popping them in the ground), and the fine art of mulching. We値l also discuss proper pruning techniques and any other concerns that are unique to your garden.


Typical landscaper stuff - we have an awesome design, now I come and make it a reality in your yard.


Into annuals? We have a specific preferred list of container annuals that are endemic to North and Central America - these are plants that are familiar to and utilized by Monarch butterflies during their migration journey. We can also include milkweed in your container in order to support Monarch caterpillars as well. Beautiful and functional!


We practic wildlife-friendly garden practices. This means that garden tasks are carried out with the health and survival of native and beneficial critters at the forefront. General garden maintenance includes:
- Weeding
    - Pruning (anything under 20 height and limbs less than 8 diameter, we池e not a tree service)
    - Fall/Spring Cleanup - Pollinator/Insect friendly (Many native bee species utilize the hollow stems of perennials to reproduce - we cut back stems in the fall to 10" - 18" for a tidy appearance, and remove stems in the spring as late in the season as possible.)
    - Leaf Management - Pollinator/Insect friendly (this entails rearranging/removing leaf litter as late as possible to ensure beneficial spring emerging insects are not destroyed, while also allowing plants to thrive and building healthy soil. We also prefer to leave leaf litter to decompose into the garden whenever possible.)


- Lawn services (we do not perform lawn leaf removal, mowing, raking, over-seeding, etc unless it's pertaining to a garden installation or maintenance project)
- Fall clear-cutting (Clear-cutting perennials down to the ground in autumn is detrimental to native bee habitat. See above for Fall/Spring cleanup details.)
    - Non-Organic pesticides or herbicides. (Excluding Glyphosate-based herbicides (i.e. RoundUp) on a case-by-case basis)



Got a crazy idea? Let痴 hear it! We池e open to new approaches and solutions for every situation; there is tons of room for experimentation and learning in the garden. send Andy a message to learn more about working with ReWild.